Existing Optical Store

Our Optical Store Management Program Includes:

NEETRYA will provide new inventory targeted to your specific patient demographics. An analysis of your area will be conducted in order to have a better understanding of competitive price structures and consumer preferences. Frame inventory will be furnished and managed by NEETRYA. Our board management system allows us to maintain current products on display at all times.

NEETRYA will also conduct a study to setup fitting facility on premises of clinic/hospital. In house fitting unit helps serving patinets with a better turnaround time. We are proud of our relationship with ESSILOR; HOYA, GKB lenses as we mutually share a commitment to higher standards.

The staff of the optical Store will be employed by NEETRYA. The practice has final approval of all optical employment decisions. All staff members will comply with your state regulations.

The staff of the optical store will be employed by NEETRYA. If the clinic/hospital is satisfied with their current optical personnel, NEETRYA will offer all existing optical employees the opportunity to remain. Keeping the staff in place enables us to evaluate their performance. If for any reason during their employment, we felt a change was in order, we would consult with clinic/hospital before any action was taken.

Each practice is assigned a regional Optical Dispensary manager whose function is to oversee the optical staff. They will work side by side with the optician to insure they understand the procedures, computer software and all aspects of the dispensary to provide the utmost in patient care. After the initial training has been completed, performance standards will be established for each individual. The regional managers will routinely be on-site in order to maintain the established guidelines.

Eyewear education is imperative to you and all members of your medical staff. NEETRYA will conduct periodic meetings to discuss new products and technology regarding lenses, coatings, etc. Various meetings are also hosted by Vision Associates involving all optical staff members. They are designed to be informative, educational and allows us to provide accredited speakers, introduce new product, and launch new incentive programs.

Communication is a key element to the success of your dispensary. On a regular basis, one of the principals of Vision Associates will be in contact with you and your colleagues to discuss the current progress, objectives and future direction.

Throughout our years of managing optical stores, we have developed different programs customized to specific demographics. NEETRYA will present for your approval innovative marketing strategies designed to increase your patient base.

NEETRYA provides a comprehensive point of sale system including hardware and software. The POS communicates directly with our lens laboratory expediting all orders. In addition, we are able to generate multiple reports allowing us to establish benchmarks and maximize your opticals full potential.

Our optical clients throughout the country all share a common dilemma; the optical store has become a distraction to their medical practice. This can be attributed to many factors such as employee issues, staffing, profitability, inventory control and accountability to name a few.

NEETRYA turn-key management services offer an alternative solution for Optical store Management. While you maintain ownership and control, our services will relieve you and your staff of the day-to-day routine associated with the optical store while increasing your profitability.

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